What is it Worth?

No other organization offers the breadth and scope of ACCCO's services, because ACCCO's only bottom-line interest is YOUR success.

What is your ACCCO membership worth to you, to your company, to your livelihood?

That seems to be a $100,000 question depending on who you talk with and on what day that conversation happens.

Think of it this way –

If ACCCO was an employee of yours named ACCCO some of his job responsibilities would be as follows:

  • Providing technical info to other employees, answer FAQ's, provide code info, do Manual J work.
  • Put on training classes, set up training conferences, provide CEU's.
  • Represent company in all Local, State, and Federal Government matters pertaining to our industry.
  • Talk to other fellow contractors for advice on how to make our company better.

If you were an employee, based on an annual salary of $360/yr. (dues) at 2080 hrs/year- you would do all the above for a pay of $0.17/hr.!

What a bargain for the company to get all of the above for such a low rate. So why aren't you hiring "ACCCO"?



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What is it Worth?
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